Unrivalled,  exceptional, exclusive and uniquely individual, Thorngrove  has been a member of  Small Luxury Hotels of the World since 1995.  A recipient of many awards, it is one of the world’s outstanding, romantic and artistic  private boutique hotels; displaying unique, creative and inspired architecture, captivating style and contemporary influence.  It is a fusion of architecture, boutique accommodation and  a celebration of the decorative and fine arts.  Designed for individual privacy,  with  dedicated antique settings in each suite for  fine dining,  served  with antique  hallmarked sterling silver.  There are no communal areas.  With  exclusive and  exceptionally limited accommodation, you will never see another guest!  Thorngrove  offers absolute privacy  with exceptional personalised service and does not accept groups or hold events or functions.

“Thorngrove Manor is the quintessential
idyllic romantic private escape for couples. 
An engaging, magical and enchanting
iconic 5 star work of architectural art.”

Thorngrove offers individually located and uniquely private accommodation catering for personal selection, with private  individual entries-no hallways or common entries.   Each room is individually designed and  unique in every aspect.   Thorngrove complies with current Covid -19 social distancing  and hygiene requirements.

Inspired timeless, idiosyncratic design with a sense of wonder. Exquisitely crafted, creative surroundings provide engaging experiences for the soul and spirit; providing a journey beyond the destination.

Create memories that last a lifetime when you have your wedding photographs taken  at the  romantic  Thorngrove Manor. The beautiful  surroundings of Thorngrove combined with the excitement of your wedding day and the delight of your bridal party, ensure your photographs will capture a magical moment in time. Site fees apply for non-resident guests.  An exclusive and intimate  private getaway for romantic elopements.

The architecture is a visible statement to its point of difference and individuality.  Suites are distinguished by their totally private locations, individual character, incomparable beds, configuration and style.   An inspired and captivating artistic haven to discover the best of South Australia.  Located in SA’s oldest wine producing region, 20 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

  • Exclusivity, with strictly limited guest numbers.
  • Relaxed, totally private and inspirational.
  • Inspired timeless, romantic design with  rare  antiques and finest bespoke furnishing,
  • Hand-painted friezes and signature artworks exploit the diverse room shapes to create an escapist dream.

It is a dynamic property where individual living spaces provide unique engaging experiences for the soul.  Thorngrove is an example of creative romantic imagination and architectural freedom. It displays the energies of art in building, in a form that transcends age.  Our unique hallmark is evident in our boutique property,  its surroundings and  the hospitality, service and  cuisine. The entire property beats to the rhythm of our heart, soul, passion and creativity.  Thorngrove is a place of uniqueness and originality,  a prime example of architecture as art, with an authentic warm and personal sense of place.   As a living art-form, it is the embodiment of human energy, devotion, toil and craftsmanship.

Privacy is absolute; you will never see any other guests.
Romantics – this could be your journey’s end!

Small Luxury Hotel